Choose the colour, expression, shape and surface texture to give building a personal style – whether it is a new building or a renovation project.

Steni Pattern Generator

World of surfaces

With Steni façade panels, you can play with colours, colour combinations and surfaces and infuse the building with your personal style.


Optimal customer value

What do architects see as important for being able to meet their clients’ wishes and needs?


Try the Steni Pattern Generator

Play with different buildings, shapes and designs.


BIM - Building information modeling

BIM objects simplify your project and make it easy to navigate through the many challenges you may encounter.


Steni’s high-quality façade solutions give your building unique and enduring expression.


Colour, texture, gloss and patterns help give a building its identity

Colour, texture, gloss and patterns help give a building its identity. STENI’s world of surfaces combines these elements, giving you freedom in the creative process.


Stop on red!

Ferrari-red landmarks keep motorists on the right track. As it runs along Lake Mjøsa, the E6 motorway is speckled with distinctive red buildings clad in STENI panels, which are designed to reduce the number of accidents.


A wide range of corner solutions

STENI is the only supplier on the market to offer such a wide range of sizes and corner solutions.


How to remove graffiti

Cleaning graffiti off buildings can be a time-consuming and frustrating business. In this article, we’ll show you how STENI’s façade panels can be made to look like new when they are cleaned properly.