Steni offer you a range of services to help you with logistics and installation. This will make work on the construction site easier.

Precut and drilling

More than a package at the construction site

We are more than a manufacturer and supplier of façade panels – more than some pallets delivered at the construction site.


Steni’s high-quality façade solutions give your building unique and enduring expression.


Why choose Steni?

Get an environmentally friendly, high-quality product with a 60-year functional warranty.


Steni adds colour to Bergen

“We’re proud of the result, which is turning out to be truly beautiful – and we’re looking forward to seeing the entire renovation finished.” So says Tine C. Haug, deputy chairman of the board of Solheimslien Housing Cooperative in Bergen.


Faster installation with pre-drilled panels and custom shapes be the finest façade in Norway!

In Sandefjord, carpenter Dag Olsen and his colleagues at Bygg og Maskin AS are busy mounting STENI façade panels on the new ice rink at the Bugårdsparken recreation centre.


A wide range of corner solutions

STENI is the only supplier on the market to offer such a wide range of sizes and corner solutions.

Colours, gloss, print and gradetion


Best functional warranty on the market

Façade panels from STENI have the best functional warranty on the market – 40 years!


Try the Steni Pattern Generator

Play with different buildings, shapes and designs.