Terra by STENI foundation panel

Terra by STENI is a foundation wall panel made of fibreglass-reinforced stone composite with a surface of aggregated natural stone.

It is very suitable for cladding foundations, windbreaks, garages, retaining walls – and more!

Foundation panels have a unique stone core construction, making Terra BY STENI the most robust and easy-to-clean panels on the market. These fibreglass-reinforced stone composite panels will last for many years and give you the best value for your money.

Terra by STENI are available in standard grey, white and black natural stone, and they give your foundation wall a nice and lasting appearance year after year.

Terra by STENI is installed as ventilated cladding, something that has clear advantages:

  • The foundation wall stays dry
  • Frost weathering is reduced
  • The foundation wall becomes better insulated
  • Fungus formation is reduced

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Product properties:

  • 25 years warranty
  • 100% water impermeable
  • Frost-proof
  • Sturdy and impact resistant
  • Simple cleaning
  • Easy installation
  • Light weight: only 9,5 kg pr m2




595 x 1195 mm
595 x 2395 mm
1195 x 2395 mm

Terra for stilt houses and cabins


Simple solution

Terra by STENI is also a simple solution for upgrading cabins, houses and terraces on stilts. The foundation wall plates, which protect the building from damp, wind and snow, are installed on battens attached to the stilts. Moreover, they give you the option of additional, dry storage under the cabin. Terra by STENI is easy to install, resilient and frost resistant, and requires no special maintenance other than cleaning once in a while.


Easy to install

Terra by STENI is a simple solution for stilt buildings, with great benefits. The foundation panels are easy to install, give protection against damp and snow and provide possibility of dry storage under the building. The foundation panels are resilient and frost resistant, easy to maintain and lifts the façade visually.

Terra by STENI for stilt buildings

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Terra by STENI for stilt buildings