Price is more than purchasing price

Total economy
What do you get for your money?

When you buy façade panels from STENI, we offer you a range of services to help you with logistics and installation. You can order custom sizes, façade panels can be pre-drilled and we offer MM-packaging (materials management). All this will make work on the construction site easier. You save valuable time and money – and with minimal wastage.

Contact us to discuss your needs today and find out how we can help you with your project. Price is far more than just the cost price, always remember to compare all aspects of pricing to find the total cost.


STENI is not always the cheapest alternative, but we also take into consideration the logistics and how we work throughout the project with regard to deliveries and warranties.​ Magnus Nyström, Tuve Bygg AB​


  • Price = More than purchasing price
  • Custom sizes / Pre-cutting / Pre-drilling
  • Minimal wastage
  • Material Management
  • Easy installation
  • Good logistics on the construction site
  • Minimal maintenance - Simple cleaning
  • 60-year functional warranty
  • High durability is good for the environment

Competitive price – throughout your building’s lifetime

Façade panels from Steni pay off!

Façade panels from Steni have a 60-year functional warranty. That means minimal building maintenance – just simple cleaning – and therefore lower lifetime costs.