30 years after installation, the façade panels are as good as new

30 years ago, Lyderhorn Housing Cooperative was refurbished using façade panels from Steni. Since then, the panels have had to withstand wind, rain and lots of dirt but after a thorough wash they look as good as new.

“The residents are delighted with the result and others are noticing too. We also get compliments from passers-by,” explains  Managing Director of Lyderhorn Housing Cooperative, Atle Midtbø. 

He has just witnessed an impressive piece of work delivered by Steni’s partners Niro Gruppen and Blue & Green. Together they washed down the whole façade of the high-rise block, and the result is a shiny façade, which looks as good as new.

60-year warranty

Regional Manager of Steni Oslo, Ståle Kristiansen, thinks it’s great to see such a transformation after 30 years of wear and tear but is not surprised at the result.

“Steni have recently extended the warranty on their façade panels to 60 years, so it’s what you would expect after 30 years. But it’s obviously great to see it first-hand,” he says, before adding:
“We work hard every single day to make our façade panels as durable, environmentally friendly and as aesthetically appealing as possible. But this is testament to the job we are doing and the outstanding quality of our products.”

Strong partners

When it comes to the actual cleaning of the façade panels, Steni prefers to leave things to the specialists.

“Both Blue & Green and Niro Gruppen are among the leading experts in chemicals and façade cleaning in Norway. This three-way partnership has been invaluable for everyone concerned. The job we’ve just finished at Lyderhorn Housing Cooperative is hopefully just the first of many jobs we will do together in the future,” explains Kristiansen.

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Thorough clean: Here we see the façade panels at Lyderhorn Housing Cooperative being cleaned using environmentally friendly chemicals at high pressure and optimal temperature.