Kongsvinger School

This large secondary school in Kongsvinger, which covers 11,360 square metres, has a beautiful façade where the architect wanted to combine an urban expression with nature and the surrounding forest. To achieve that, she chose Steni Colour façade panels in shades of green to contrast with the wood.

We spoke with architect Marlies Lekven from HLM Arkitektur. Read what she has to say about the project and why she chooses Steni panels for school buildings.


The school building won the Building Practice Award

Kongsvinger School received the Building Practice Award from Kongsvinger Municipality. This award honours buildings that help elevate the aesthetic expression in the municipality “through their execution, use of materials, design and interaction with the location and environment.”

The school building has also been nominated for the Building of the Year and Wood Construction of the Year awards.

Kongsvinger School’s façade blends in with the surroundings

You can superimpose printing on Steni panels. The school’s walls feature printed quotations from students.

The cladding on the school building is a combination of wood, green panels and reflective façades.