Warmth and caring in the black figure 8

Residents, staff and visitors are met by a spectacular black façade when they arrive at the nursing home in Samsøvej. The building’s geometric shape helps to minimise walking distances, and the midpoints of the two circles enable the staff to move around more efficiently.

The building’s circular shapes create a feeling of security for residents, who will never experience an exterior door at end of a corridor.
Black/dark façade panels from STENI – in two different shades – creates an exciting visual impression on the façade.

“This delivery from STENI included the design of the façade, which means that 80–90% of the façade panels were pre-cut and drilled – ready for assembly. That made this product the most affordable – delivered and installed on the wall. We save time at the construction site,” says Lasse Lindkvist Hansen at STB Byg.

Inspiring architecture!