Harmonious contrast

For the façades of the buildings in the Løren district of Oslo, the architect has created a beautiful and harmonious contrast between natural stone and wood. The combination of STENI Nature and wooden inlays produces lovely lines and nicely sets off the building’s many sections.

With their natural façades, the new buildings gracefully become part of their surroundings. The developer has placed great emphasis on developing green “lungs” with small trees and shrubs, where children can play and ride their bikes, while the adults chat with their neighbours – or simply stretch out and relax on the lawn.

A place where it is good to live – and good to be!

Sculpture park

Sculpture park

The surroundings for Løren quarter is the Peer Gynt sculpture park. Here is a collection of sculptures where you can follow the author Henrik Ibsen's play Peer Gynt act by act.

The contrast between the soft and dark wood against the hard but bright stone surface.

Artistic expression

The sculptures in the Peer Gynt sculpture park includes three commissioned works, while the rest of the sculptures are procured through an open, international competition of the best figurative sculptures related to scenes from Henrik Ibsen's Peer Gynt.

Corner solution with profiles and wood elements that create lines in the large surfaces.