Façade renovation of Studsgården

The extensive renovations of AB Studsgården is finally finished. Among other things, the renovation work included new windows, insulation and new façade panels. The new changes put the buildings at the forefront in terms of energy consumption. Studsgården’s new façade was designed by the architect Søren Just of the architect and engineering firm, Gaihede Rådgivende Arkitekter & Ingeniører, which is the main advisory firm for the project. The façade consists of STENI Colour panels, corner elements and U-elements of different colours and gloss levels, which work together to create a vibrant and unified façade.

“We wanted to get the 12 different types of panels delivered based on where they were to be installed and not grouped by type, so that we wouldn’t have to sort through them to find the right one. In our view, every action you have to do twice is one time too many. STENI packed and delivered our panels exactly according to our wishes – and that saved us time.”

Three gloss levels in four shades!

“For the façade, I designed a pattern based on the golden ratio by using matt, semi-matt and glossy panels in four different colour nuances. It brings a great feeling of life to the façade.” – Søren Just, Architect

The façade continues unbroken around the corners, using a special STENI design element, which provides a great finish.