Recycled glass becomes beautiful façade panels

Steni has for years made natural and environmentally friendly façade panels with surfaces of crushed stone. It's now one step further, when tons of old glass is recycled and reused to create gorgeous façade panels with elegant and natural play.

In recent years, a lot of work has been done on recycled gIass in Steni's test laboratory.  Almost a hundred surface examples in different colours, mixes and degrees of roughness have been created and tested, and now the tedious and frugal process is finally coming to an end.

"We're finally there! Façade panels with surfaces of recycled and tumbled glass is a dream we at Steni have had for a long time", says Communications Manager at Steni, Jan Terje Nielsen.

Close-up of façade panel with glass that gives a great light reflection.

In connection with the launch of a brand new collection of Steni Nature façade panels, the façade panel with recycled glass as a surface is launched. This comes after years of hard work, in which a number of renowned architects have been involved, to ensure optimal results.

In the new collection you will also find surfaces of river pebbles and Olivine – one of Norway's most exciting minerals.

Light reflecting façades

At first glance, the new façade panels made of recycled glass appear to stem from a carefully programmed chemical process, with a beautiful design. On a closer look, however, you can see thousands of small pieces of natural glass in the surface, which together form a fascinating expression.

The glass creates a unique expression where the surroundings, lighting conditions and sustainability are really reflected in the façade. It will be a game-changing and dynamic in the façade you won't find anywhere else.​ Jan Terje Nielsen, Communications Manager at Steni​

Environmentally Friendly Reuse

Among Steni's most important pillars, which have stood firm since its inception in 1965, you will find an unwavering goal of producing as environmentally friendly façade panels as possible. As a result, Steni's façade panels have always consisted of natural surfaces, which are now joined by a new recycled and natural material.

"Glass is admittedly a processed material, but glass originally comes from molten sand. The glass we use is reused from old bottles, window panes and the like, so we create facades where it shines clearly through that reused materials can give a fantastic expression," says Nielsen.

Customized sheets of Steni Nature Glass are prepared for installation.

The glass we use is reused from old bottles, window panes and the like, so we create façades where it shines clearly through that reused materials can give a fantastic expression.​ Jan Terje Nielsen, Communications Manager at Steni​

In January 2020, Steni issued its latest Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which once again showed that Steni sets the bar high when it comes to the environment and sustainability. We can rest assured that this also applies to the new products, according to the communications manager.

Steni Nature Glass is installed on a high-rise building - a large block of flats in Staatejacht, the Netherlands.

Smooth and fine

"With a recycled glass surface, it's easy to think that you get a façade with sharp edges. Thanks to an advanced drumming process, sharp edges are rounded while the surface creates sparkling reflections," says Nielsen.

And should you have any doubts; these façade panels have exactly the same quality as the other façade panels from Steni.

"Impact resistance, robustness and a 60-year functional warranty apply, of course, here as well. It has become a matter of course with façade panels from Steni now," says Nielsen.


Steni Nature Glass

  • Eco-friendly façade panels with surfaces made of 100% recycled and tumbled glass
  • Creating a beautiful expression with light reflections in the façade
  • Fine-tuned and treated for a smooth surface
  • Same quality as other Steni façade panels: impact-resistant and robust with a 60-year functional warranty.