/ Façade panels Steni Nature

Steni Nature façade panels are stone composite panels with a surface of aggregated natural stones.

A natural expression

Steni Nature is available in 14 different natural stone colours, many of them with up to four different grades of coarseness: fine micro, fine, medium, coarse (From 6 to 14mm). 

The panels are installed as ventilated cladding and can be installed at any time of year, irrespective of the temperature and weather. Steni façade panels are 100% diffusion resistant, which means that they can remain submerged in water.

Our façade panels require minimal maintenance and can be cleaned with most cleaning agents used to wash houses.

Steni Nature works well in combination with other materials, like wood and plaster – or our other surfaces.

Steni Nature is available in four different grades: Fine micro, fine, medium and coarse

Product properties

Easy installation
Pre-cut format
Low cost durability
60 years warranty
Low carbon footprint
Easy cleaning
Impact resistant
Frost resistant and water impermeable
Product propertiesicon

Durable and dynamic

When ERA Contour’s new head office, in Zoetermeer in The Netherlands was to be built, they were looking for a durable and dynamic building with open façades that would not block the view.


Stocked format:

1,195 x 2,995 mm


Standard production:

295 x (1,195 mm – 3,495 mm)
x (850 mm – 3,495 mm)


Custom production:

(292 – 1,195 mm) x (850 – 3,495)


Full production width of 1195 mm is always charged

Vibrant and natural

For the façades of the buildings in the Løren district of Oslo, the architect has created a beautiful and harmonious contrast between natural stone and wood.